How They See Us_ Leilah Nadir

How They See Us: Meditations on America

Paperback: 304 pages

Publisher: Atlas & Co (Dec 7 2009)

ISBN - 10: 1934633100
ISBN - 13:9781934633106


Fiction and Essays

January 2015 Essay on writing The Orange Trees of Baghdad for Lacuna Magazine, UK

December 2009 Essay in non-fiction anthology How They See Us: Meditations on America (Atlas & Co), personal essay on how Leilah Nadir sees America as an Iraqi-Canadian since the Iraq war began in 2003.

December 2007 An essay by Leilah Nadir, In the Red Zone, appeared in Quill and Quire's The Last Word section, on the topic of writing about the war in Iraq without being overwhelmed by anger.

June 2005 Essay Theatrics, about producing my first play Heavenly Bodies, in anthology First Writes, Banff Centre Press, 2005

June 2003 Baghdad is Burning Poem in Al-Sharouq, (Arab-Canadian Monthly) Vancouver

2001 Short stories Sacrifice and Jackals from Bazaar published in North African issue of Descant, Canadian literary journal

1999 A Kind of Weakness short story performed and broadcast on CBC Radio Alberta Anthology.